My Daily Horoscope Book

My Daily Horoscope

January 1 - December 31

My Daily Horoscope Book

Astrology Book - Personalilzed
100+ Page Book

We are so excited to offer this 100 plus page 7x10 book to you. The book is divided is so cute you can bookmark your daily horoscopes. If the report was purchased separately, the cost would be $75. I'm offering it to you today at $44.00. I want you all to Read your sun scopes for the day (your new book), the week, the month, and the year, and also follow the mood of the moon.

Chapter 1 - Daily Horoscope

January 1 - December 31 daily horoscope. This is taylored specifically to YOUR birth chart. Major aspects (conjunctions, oppositions, squares, trines, and sextiles) formed between the transiting and natal planets are interpreted, and also planets through the houses. I've included a bookmarker for you to reference daily.