September 2023

While the majority of the planets in the solar system are either in retrograde motion or slowing down in order to turn direct or retrograde, the Sun is the one constant in the heavens. The Sun never speeds up or slows down, never turns retrograde and always sticks to the same precise timetable that will see him return to your same part of the sky at the same time, give or take a few hours each year. This means that the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of September in your friendship sector while on 23rd September and always on the September equinox, he will return to a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart to begin the month long wind down of your old solar year. It is the other planets that add shades of grey to this and because of that, things are never that clear cut. The Sun’s departure from your friendship sector isn’t going to end the focus on your social life, friendship, teamwork and networking and with Mars already in a nostalgic and reflective part of your chart and the wind down of this current two year Mars cycle underway, the job of closing old doors has already begun. Yet even on the social front there is a lot of focus on the past this month, as there is across many areas of your life. You not only have Mercury, the planet of communication in retrograde motion in your friendship sector until 15th September, but just as Pluto has reached his last full month in retrograde motion in your communication sector. With Uranus having turned retrograde in your relationship sector late last month and Jupiter turning retrograde here on 5th September, across the communication, friendship and relationship fronts the doors are open to the past even before the wind down of your old solar year begins. And they are not the only planets in retrograde motion this month, with both planets in your work sector in retrograde motion while Venus has come to a standstill ahead of her direct turn in your career sector on 4th September. Apart from the Sun, the only planet on the move this month is the dwarf planet Ceres, whose return to Scorpio on 16th September is a chance for a deep dive into your personal needs and priorities ahead of the Sun, Mercury and Mars’ return next month.

September 2023

While both planets in your romantic sector have been in retrograde motion for several months now, it is the turn of the planets in your relationship sector to turn retrograde, something that within just a few days of moving into the new month will be drawing your attention to the past on both fronts. It was late last month that Uranus turned retrograde, something that he has done at this time each year since returning in 2019 and will continue to do until he leaves in 2026. However, just like on the romantic front where Neptune has been doing this each year since his return to your romantic sector in 2012, this year he is not alone with Saturn in retrograde motion here for the first time in three decades. Likewise, Uranus is not on his own and on 5th September Jupiter will turn retrograde in your relationship sector for the first time in 12 years. In the same way that Saturn and Jupiter’s return earlier in the year is putting a lot more weight on both romantic and relationship matters this year, this is now also putting a lot more weight on the doors that the love and relationship gods are opening to the past and second chances. With Saturn and Neptune remaining in retrograde motion until later in the year and Uranus and Jupiter until January, this is something that will not only dominate this month but the rest of the year. With Pluto in his last full month in retrograde motion in your communication sector before turning direct on 9th October, there is more urgency when it comes to giving the past and unsaid words a voice. Helping with that is having Mercury, the planet of communication in retrograde motion until 15th September. In an important month across the communication, romantic and relationship fronts this makes the Moon’s monthly visits a lot more important. The Moon will not only start the month in your romantic sector but with a Full Moon here late last month still running its course on 1st September. The Moon will come full circle from that Full Moon from 27th September to 29th September, with the early and latter days of the month the most romantically charged. Meanwhile, the Moon will make its monthly visit to your relationship sector from 4th September to 6th September, with a chance to check in and become more emotionally engaged.

September 2023

While there is no planetary activity in either of your two money houses, the Moon’s monthly visits to each are not only enough to keep both income and money matters on track but the cosmic conditions themselves are favouring both. You might not have direct planetary involvement, but you have everything you need. On the financial front, the side of the financial fence where it is more about what you do with and how you manage the money you have, while the last planet left at the end of June that was after 10 months of nearly continuous planetary activity. Included in that was the seven months that Mars had spent here from August 2022 to March 2023, which was the longest visit by the planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos in eight decades. That and a parade of planets that moved through between March and June has left you with everything needed to stay on top of money matters. Helping with that is the Moon’s return each month, with its visit from 6th September to 8th September a chance to fuel your financial instincts and imagination, check in and become more emotionally and intuitively engaged. These monthly visits are a chance to check your compass bearings to ensure you are on track, which will be easy to do. Meanwhile, on the other side of the financial fence you are still waiting for the first planetary activity in your income sector, which doesn’t begin until November. This is something that will end the year and begin 2024 on a lucrative note but is already something that you are building and preparing for. It is having the North Node in your work sector for the first time in 17 years and Venus, the planet of money still in the heart of her longest visit to your work sector since 1810 that is giving you time to first gain the right professional momentum and conditions. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until November to see the money, with the Moon’s return to your income sector from 21st September to 23rd September able to sharpen your nose for money and act as a trigger.