Year 2023

While they won’t all be in play at the same time Jupiter, Mars and Venus will all contribute to making this not only the most powerful professional year in over a decade but encompassing both job and career matters. The year begins with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion in your work sector and while he has only been here for 11 days by the time you move into this new professional year, he had already spent five months here before retrograding back out seven weeks earlier. Your biggest year for job growth and expansion in over a decade actually began last May and while it might have appeared that things got off to a false start this allowed you to plant seeds and lay down tracks for when he returned, with the planet of luck and expansion having returned with a mandate and knowing what to focus on from the start. Jupiter is here until 17th May, with Venus’ return on 20th February the point when the faster planets will return to get things up to speed, something that will end with the Sun’s departure on 20th April. It is while the Sun is here that there will be two New Moons, the second on 20th April not only a solar eclipse but just weeks before Jupiter is due to leave. Meanwhile, it is just days after Jupiter leaves on 17th May that Mars will return to your career sector on 21st May, with the warrior planet of the cosmos timing his first visit in two years to perfection. However, the real game changer will be what happens while Mars is here, with Venus returning on 6th June to begin her longest visit to your career sector in our lifetime, with a retrograde turn keeping her here until 9th October. This will not only give things a massive boost on the career front through the middle months of the year but will keep the momentum that Jupiter has created on the job front going. Meanwhile, by then Jupiter will have moved on and on 17th May will return to your relationship sector, where he will spend the next 12 months and with perfect timing. Jupiter returns to begin your most important relationship year in over a decade just as Pluto is beginning to transition out of your communication sector, where he has been since 2008. Pluto will leave on 24th March but will retrograde back in on 11th June, just a few weeks after Jupiter’s return to your relationship sector, with the two then working hand in hand for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, Saturn is also on the move, leaving your home and family sector on 8th March where he has been since 2020. This may have been a challenging few years but with a chance to enjoy the benefits once Saturn is gone with Pluto, your ruling planet returning to change things up on 24th March. Meanwhile, Saturn will return to your romantic and creative sector on 8th March, a much easier place for him to be and where he will stay for the next three years.

Year 2023

With Neptune in your romantic sector since 2012 and Uranus in your relationship sector since 2019 and both here until 2026, there is continuous planetary activity on the romantic and relationship fronts throughout the year or at least that is the case at this period in your life. However, there are not only times when things will be active and especially when the faster planets move through, but both are set to get a serious and game changing boost this year. It was only late last year that Jupiter left your romantic sector for the second time in 2022 but this time, he won’t be back. However, when Venus, the planet of love returns on 27th January she will be keen to capitalise on the growth this has made possible. Venus will be alone with Neptune until the Sun returns on 19th February, giving the planets of love and dreams plenty of time to work their magic. While Venus will leave a day later, this will get the year off to a romantically charged start. However, it is while the Sun is here from 19th February to 21st March and Mercury from 3rd March to 19th March that everything changes again, with Saturn returning for his first visit in three decades and for his first encounter with Neptune in your romantic sector in our lifetime. Neptune is the planets of dreams and fantasies and Saturn is the planet of structure and discipline but this is a partnership that will run through to early 2026 when they will both leave. Saturn’s return is a chance to get serious about matters of the heart and where Jupiter has spent most of last year working with Neptune to fuel your romantic dreams, the hard taskmaster of the cosmos can help turn those dreams into reality. Until Neptune leaves in January 2026 and Saturn a month later, they will work as an unlikely team to create the most powerful romantic years in our lifetime. Not to be outdone, there is something special developing on the relationship front as well. Things will become more active on the relationship front when Venus, the planet of love returns on 17th March to work her magic and before she can leave on 11th April Mercury, the planet of communication will return on 4th April to begin what should be a two week mission to give your relationships a voice. Instead, a retrograde phase will keep Mercury here throughout the Sun’s month long visit from 20th April to 21st May, not leaving on 12th June. This will prove a massive advantage when on 17th May Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion returns to begin the most expansive 12 months on the relationship front in over a decade.

Year 2023

You move into your new financial year with an advantage on both sides of the financial fence. While there is no planetary activity in your income sector and there will be none until Mercury returns on 10th November, the planetary activity on the income front last year has only just run its course less than two weeks before you moved into 2023. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus having recently moved through and Jupiter having just left your work sector the day before, things are still playing out, giving you everything needed to get the year off to a lucrative start. This is something that increased planetary activity on the job front in the early months of the year will continue to capitalise on. However, the focus has not only shifted back to the other side of the financial fence but even more fully onto the past. While the last two months of any year are always the most potentially lucrative and this can spill into the early days of the next year, rarely is there any planetary activity on the other side of the financial fence in your financial sector at this time of year. Moving into the year with Mars in your financial sector is not only the exception but this is also beyond what you would normally expect when the warrior planet returns every two years to fire up your financial passions and fighting spirit. Mars returned in August for what is normally a six week visit, but a retrograde turn has not only kept him here but until turning direct on 13th January he is not only looking back but is coming to a standstill. This is giving you time to ensure no stone has been left unturned and to get what you can from your old financial year before embarking on the next. Once Mars turns direct things will start moving forward but as he is here until 26th March this gives you plenty of time to explore where his financial passions and fighting spirit want to take you. When Mars leaves this will end his seven month visit, his longest in eight decades and all planetary activity on the side of the financial fence where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have. However, not for long, with Venus returning to capitalise on what Mars has begun when she moves through from 11th April to 8th May. The Sun will keep the solar spotlight on your financial situation and money matters from 21st May to 22nd June and you will have Mercury’s smart head for money to work with from 12th June to 27th June, after which all planetary activity on this side of the financial fence for the year will end. Meanwhile, while you will have to wait for Mercury’s return to your income sector on 10th November for the start of this year’s planetary activity on the income side of the financial fence, between then and 23rd January Mercury, the Sun, Mars and Venus will all move through, this time spilling into the early weeks of next year. By then a lot of water will have passed under the bridge on the job front.