January 2022

One of the most important days of the month for you will be New Year’s Day, with a chance to pause, stay in the moment and get a feel for both the possibilities you start the year with and the determination to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes but without having to focus on the ‘when, where and how’. It was Jupiter’s departure from Aquarius on 29th December that brought the first year of a new 12 year Jupiter cycle of expansion to a close, leaving you with possibilities and expectations that are usually up to you to maintain. Instead, for the first time in six decades, Saturn is staying on to keep the momentum going. Why New Year’s Day is such an important chance to simply stay in the moment is that on 2nd January Mercury will return and unlike Saturn and Jupiter, who are focused on the big picture, his focus is on the short term and in the lead up to your birthday month and new solar year is more focused on the ‘when, where and how’. Because your birthday month and new solar year doesn’t begin until 20th January and Mercury is normally only here for 14 to 15 days, he will need to slow down in order to let the Sun catch up, something that will see him turn retrograde on 15th January and then retrograde back out on 26th January. As if realising that this is no ordinary year and with all of Jupiter’s possibilities to incorporate into your game plan and resolutions for the coming year, Mercury will take himself back to the drawing board. Meanwhile, Jupiter begins the year alongside dreamy Neptune in your income sector, setting the scene for a lucrative year. This will get a boost from the North Node’s return to your career sector on 19th January, where it will stay for the next 18 months. Missing from the early weeks of the year is any urgency, with time to find your feet and get your bearings.

January 2022

There is a mix of the expected and the unexpected on the romantic front this month as well as some shifting tides. The year begins with Venus, the planet of love still in retrograde motion in a nostalgic part of your chart, where a sense of romantic nostalgia has doubled since she first returned in November. This is being balanced by the fact that you also begin the year with the North Node in your romantic sector, where since its return in May 2020 it has not only kept the focus on matters of the heart but on the future. With the North Node focused on the future, Venus on the past but both on the spirit of romance, this is the perfect balance. There will be a chance to fully embrace and capture this when the Moon makes its first visit to your romantic sector for the year from 13th January to 15th January. This is something that needs to be captured because it is just four days later that after 20 months in your romantic sector that the North Node will leave on 19th January. This brings an end to the eclipses here but the last one back in November has already given matters of the heart the boost that it needed at the time. With the North Node gone but Venus not turning direct until 29th January, this could see a sense of romantic nostalgia deepen. While Venus will turn direct on 29th January she won’t leave a nostalgic part of your chart and return to Aquarius until early March, with romantic nostalgia continuing its hold on your heart in the early months of the year. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity in your relationship sector, the Moon’s first visit for the year from 18th January to 20th January is a chance to become more emotionally engaged and connected. A friendly aspect to both planets in your communication sector as it moves through will also offer a chance to ensure the communication lines are open.

January 2022

From the start it is clear that this will be no ordinary financial year, with starting the year with Jupiter and Neptune, the planets of luck and dreams in your income sector not only a once in a lifetime event but a sign from the start that you are entering a potentially lucrative year. This is something that you have been preparing for since as far back as 2012 but even more so last year, when Jupiter popped in for a few months to lay the foundations for what will become possible this year. It was in 2012 that Neptune returned to begin fuelling the dream, with Jupiter returning with a chance to make this a reality. While Jupiter returned last May he turned retrograde shortly after returning and never got past the early degrees before retrograding back out again. Jupiter never got close to aligning with Neptune but they will this time, bringing the planets of luck and dreams together for the first and only time here in our lifetime. While this kicks off a potentially lucrative year, is not until April that this will reach its full potential, giving you time to adjust to a new sense of what’s possible that you are likely to feel from the start. The Moon will make its first visit to your income sector for the year and since Jupiter’s return from 6th January to 8th January. As well as sharpening your nose for money and potentially acting as a trigger, as the Moon aligns with first Jupiter and then Neptune, this will give you a better read on their influence. Meanwhile, with no planetary activity on the other side of the financial fence, the Moon’s first visit to your financial sector for the year will give you a better read on money matters from 21st January to 23rd January. As well as fuelling your financial instincts and imagination, this is a chance to put the focus on what you do with and how you manage the money you have for a few days.