July 2022

While the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of July in your work sector, the busiest and most industrious area of your chart, life is unlikely to become too busy. This is partly because of the makeup of the planetary activity on the job front this month and partly because with Saturn in his first full month in retrograde motion in Aquarius, you will find it harder to sweat the small stuff or to buy into a rush mentality. It also helps that you have Venus in a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart until 18th July, helping to maintain a balance between work and play. However, this is mainly because of the dynamics on the job front itself and a large part of this comes down to the dwarf planet Ceres. When the Sun returned to your work sector last month Ceres had already been here for over five weeks, with her first deep dive into your needs and priorities on the job front in five years giving you clear priorities from the start. Because Ceres’ focus is more on job satisfaction and a sense of purpose, you are not going to waste your time and energy on anything that doesn’t support that. In addition, Mercury’s return from 5th July to 20th July will make it easier to work smarter. It is when Mercury leaves on 20th July, the Sun on 23rd July and Ceres on 24th July that they will shift their focus onto your relationships, while Venus will stay on to keep work and job matters moving forward and evolving. Meanwhile, after declaring war on communication barriers until leaving your communication sector on 5th July, Mars will first turn his attention and a drive to make things happen to things done onto work and job matters.

July 2022

While the love and relationship gods are making this a good month on both fronts, it is at either end of the month, with one ending just as the other is due to begin. While the Sun left your romantic sector last month, taking the solar spotlight off matters of the heart and all things romantic, you begin the month with Venus and Mercury, the planets of love and communication still here. While you will often find one still here as you move into the second half of the year, the last time they were both still in your romantic sector on 1st July was in 2014. Until he leaves on 5th July Mercury, the planet of communication will be working to give your heart a voice and to put heart and mind on the same page. This is the tail end of an extraordinary journey, with Mercury having originally returned at the end of April for what is normally a 14 to 15 day visit. Held back by a retrograde phase, Venus was late to return to your romantic sector this year and until leaving on 18th July will be working to make these some of the most romantically charged days of the year. While the asteroid Pallas Athena will stay on to keep the seat warm until Mars returns later next month, this will be in a more low key way. It is two days later and with romantic matters having had their turn that Mercury, the planet of communication will not only return to your relationship sector on 20th July but to begin the first planetary activity on the relationship front since the Sun left last August. This will be followed in quick succession by the Sun on 23rd July and then by the dwarf planet Ceres, who will return for her first deep dive into your relationship needs and priorities in four years on 24th July. This creates a month where until Venus leaves your romantic sector on 18th July it is all about matters of the heart but then two days later, Mercury’s return to your relationship sector will shift the focus onto your relationships.

July 2022

With the first planetary activity in your financial sector, until Mercury returns early next month, the focus is still on the income side of the financial fence but the tides are turning and the way is being made clear to give your financial situation and money matters some much needed attention. This is the side of the financial fence where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have, with the Moon’s return from 4th July to 6th July and then returning again on 31st July the only point this month when there is any attention here. However, after some heated and urgent months on the income front, including the nearly five months that Jupiter spent here and Mars’ first visit in two years, things were already starting to dial back. It was Neptune’s retrograde turn at the end of June that partially put the brakes on but until the asteroid Juno, the queen of commitment turns retrograde on 25th July, income matters aren’t ready to fully go into review mode. With Mercury in your work sector until 20th July, the Sun until 23rd July and Venus, the planet of money returning on 18th July, this has the potential to be a good month on the income and job fronts. However, Juno’s retrograde turn will turn all the focus on the income side of the financial fence onto the rear view mirror and with it a chance to retrace your steps and focus more on untapped income potential. This comes just 10 days before Mercury’s return to your financial sector on 3rd August will not only begin the first planetary focus on money matters but with the focus on the future. This will allow the money gods to take a divide and conquer approach, looking to the past on the income front and to the future on the financial front. However, you are not there yet, with July still keeping the focus on the income side of the financial fence.