January 2022

And now for something completely new but with a touch of the past woven into it. Since his return to a fun, playful, romantic and creatively charged part of your chart in 2012 dreamy Neptune has been inspiring you to dream and imagine and as the faster planets came and went each year, there was a brief moment to embrace this. However, that changed when in the closing days of 2021 Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion returned. Starting the year with Jupiter and Neptune here has put the planets of luck and dreams on a united mission and that mission is to make 2022 a stunning year for matters of the heart and all things fun, playful, romantic and creative. Jupiter won’t spend the whole year here but enough of the year to make this a game changer and to ensure life doesn’t become all work and no play. With the Sun not returning until next month, Mercury until March and Venus and Mars in April, this is something that will expand over the coming months. Meanwhile, Mars will not only begin the month in your income sector but will still be here when the dwarf planet Eris turns direct in your work sector on 11th January. With Mars not leaving until 25th January, this will give you some traction and momentum on the income and job fronts. Meanwhile, while you will start the month with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the asteroid Juno in your communication sector, Mars’ return on 25th January will take this to a whole new level, as he returns to declare war on communication barriers. Even Mercury, the planet of communication who will leave on 2nd January will retrograde back on 26th January and with perfect timing. This will ensure there is plenty of communication support when the North Node returns to your relationship sector and the South Node to Scorpio on 19th January, something that for the next 18 months will police a balance between your personal and relationship needs.

January 2022

On both the romantic and relationship fronts there is a mix of the expected and the unexpected this month and in both cases, in a way that sets the scene for what to expect from the coming year. The expected is that there will always be some focus on both romantic and relationship matters, due to the fact that you have Neptune in your romantic sector from 2012 to 2026 and Uranus in your relationship sector from 2019 to 2026. These are slower outer planets that largely operate in the background and only really come to life when there are other planets here and that is what is happening this month. While the Sun won’t return to your romantic sector until later next month, which is when matters of the heart usually come alive, you not only begin the year with Neptune here but with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Jupiter only returned on 29th December so this is something that you are still adjusting to but starting the year with the planets of luck and dreams together in your romantic sector is not just a once in a lifetime event but makes 2022 a lucky year for love. This is something that will continue to develop but the Moon’s first visit to your romantic sector for the year will give you a taste of things to come from 6th January to 8th January. Meanwhile, while Uranus begins the year in retrograde motion in your romantic sector and the Sun doesn’t return until April each year, from the start he has company. The dwarf planet Ceres retrograded back in last month and while this was more to focus on your relationship needs and priorities the timing couldn’t be better. Ceres will turn direct on 15th January but will still be here when Uranus not only turns direct on 19th January but when the North Node returns on the same day. This begins an 18 month policing of a balance between your personal and relationship needs, which Ceres has been helping you to prepare for.

January 2022

Starting the year with the Moon in your income sector is advantage enough, allowing you to begin the year with a sharp nose for money and a lucrative sense of direction from the start but with Mars here as well, this is a once in a lifetime advantage. While the Moon will leave on 2nd January, with Mars here until 25th January this will give his war on glass ceilings, roadblocks and barriers, whether real or imagined, as he urges you to fight for what you deserve a sense of where the money is from the start. This will get this financial year off to an explosive and potentially lucrative start. This is something that will set the scene and the tone for the rest of the year, with the impact likely to linger for weeks if not months after Mars leaves. However, Mars isn’t leaving until 25th January and he will be determined to make this count. Mars will be here when the dwarf planet Eris, the warrior princess of the cosmos turns direct in your work sector on 11th January, with the two moving into a friendly aspect during his final weeks here. This will bring the warrior prince and princess of the cosmos into alignment, which is good news for income and job matters. Mars will still be here when after 20 months the lunar nodes will finally leave your two money houses on 19th January, where they have been policing a balance between money coming in and money going out. With no planetary activity in your financial sector, as the lunar nodes leave the balance will shift to the income side of the financial fence. However, before that happens the Moon’s first visit to your financial sector for the year will give money matters one last boost while at the same time fuelling your financial instincts and imagination as it moves through from 13th January to 16th January. Yet by the time the Moon returns to your income sector from 27th January to 29th January Mars will be gone, putting income and money matters back on equal footing.