Taurus Monthly Horoscope

October 2022

Because the Sun will always spend the first three weeks of October in your work sector the solar spotlight is always on your work situation, job matters and options at this time of year. While this is part of the normal pattern and the same players that show up year after year are the only ones involved, this year you have both a moderate and a major advantage, the latter potentially a game changer. The more moderate advantage, which in itself is a big deal is that by the time the Sun returned on 23rd September Mercury had already been here for four weeks. That is a big deal when you consider that Mercury will normally rush through in 14 to 15 days, just long enough to draw on his influence to work smarter, get your head in the game, ideas on the table and the communication lines open. However, it was a retrograde turn that not only kept Mercury here but saw him retrograde back out just hours after the Sun’s return. You begin the month with the Sun and Venus here and while they will leave on 23rd October, Mercury will return for a do over visit from 11th October to 30th October. The major advantage comes from having Mars in your income and Saturn in your career sector. With both here until March 2023 and already working as a team, what should be the ordinary boost that work and job matters get at this time of year has become a major groundswell across the income, work and career fronts. This will continue even after the Sun and Venus return to your relationship sector on 23rd October, something that will always turn the solar spotlight onto your relationships at this time of year. It is an eclipsing New Moon two days later that will create an opportunity for a fresh start and new beginnings just five days before Jupiter is due to retrograde back into your friendship sector on 28th October.

October 2022

There is a combination of the old and the new this month and that includes on both the romantic and relationship fronts. The month begins with Mercury still in retrograde motion in your romantic sector after retrograding back in just hours after the Sun left last month and in time to capture Venus, the planet of love’s final six days here. Mercury also retrograded back in, in time to be here, with heart and mind on the same page and with the doors open to the past and second chances when the dwarf planet Ceres returned on 29th September, the same day that Venus left. While the Sun, Venus and Mercury return to your romantic sector every year and are part of the annual pattern, it is Ceres’ first deep dive into your heart’s needs and priorities in four years and she is taking this seriously. Ceres is here now until 19th December and while this will see planetary activity on the romantic front continue much later into the year than is normally the case, she will return for a double dip visit from March to June 2023. It is once Mercury leaves on 11th October that Ceres will be on her own, benefiting from the time the planet of communication has spent giving your heart a voice and putting heart and mind on the same page. The Moon’s return to your romantic sector from 21st October to 23rd October will be a chance to regroup. Meanwhile, with the Sun and Venus, the planet of love both returning to your relationship sector on 23rd October this will create a sudden start to the first planetary activity on the relationship front this year. With the South Node here you will already have a sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. This also means that when the Moon moves through from 25th October to 27th October the New Moon here on 25th October will be a solar eclipse, making this even more of an opportunity for new beginnings.

October 2022

There should be no planetary activity in either of your two money houses at this time of year but that is not the case as you move into the new month. It is not until the Sun and the faster planets return to your financial sector in November each year that there is usually any planetary activity on this side of the financial fence, where the focus is more on what you do with and how you manage the money you have. However, the Moon will continue to return every four weeks and this month it will not only start the month here but after leaving on 2nd October will come full circle for another visit from 27th October to 30th October. This will allow you to begin the month with your financial instincts and imagination fuelled while feeling emotionally and intuitively engaged from the start. However, while this is a fleeting advantage it is a different story on the other side of the financial fence. Where planetary activity on the financial front doesn’t usually begin until the Sun returns in November each year, planetary activity on the income front usually ends when he leaves your income sector in May. While that was the case, Mars’ return in August threw a wildcard into the mix. This is Mars’ first visit in two years, with the warrior planet of the cosmos returning every 22 months to spend six weeks fuelling your warrior spirit and the drive to fight for what you deserve. As you move into the new month it has been six weeks to the day since Mars returned so the warrior planet should be leaving within hours. Instead, Mars is slowing down ahead of a retrograde turn on 31st October that will not only keep him here for the rest of the month or the rest of the year but right through to March 2023. This is good news considering you have the Sun and Venus, the planet of money in your work sector until 23rd October and Saturn turning direct in your career sector on the same day.